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Cable Tray Management System
Novo cable tray, ladders and ducts products are extensively high quality ,affordable priced and ease of installation.

NOVO cable tray materials :
Cable trays ,ladders and ducts are available in three materials type :

                    Steel  -  Aluminum  -  Stainless steel
  • Every type of material differs according to application requirements.
  • Usually stainless steel and aluminum types preferred for offshore , petroleum and harsh environment applications.
  • High resistance to corrosion of stainless steel makes it ideal for offshore applications by classification and requirements
Cable Tray System
Cable tray, ladder& and ducts products are extensively high quilty , affordable priced and easy to install
Cable Duct System
The metal Ducting helps to rotue cables in industrial areas specially for dusty & pollute
Cable Ladder
Customer can choose between heavy, medium,and standard duty cable ladder side rails wh
Wire Cable Tray
Wire Mesh Cable Tray Systems are produced from ASTM A510 high strength steel wires.
Support System
Supporting Accessories