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Cable Tray Management System
Cable Tray System:
Novo cable tray, ladders and ducts products are extensively high quality , affordable priced and ease of installation.

Cable trays ,ladders and ducts are available in three materials type :

                    Steel  -  Aluminum  -  Stainless steel
  • Every type of material differs according to application requirements.
  • Usually stainless steel and aluminum types preferred for offshore , petroleum and harsh environment applications.
  • High resistance to corrosion of stainless steel makes it ideal for offshore applications by classification and requirements
  • Cable try System applications are affordable & suitable to domestic & light current applications.
  • Cable tray material finished is usually hot dip galvanized after fabrication according to
    Din 50976 - zinc coating thickness 60/ 80 µ,
    Also eposy & PVC coating are available .