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Cable Tray Management System
Wire Mesh Tray.

Wire Mesh Cable Tray Systems are produced from ASTM A510 high strength steel wires. A fully automated welding process produces continuous wire mesh, which is formed into our Wire Basket System wire mesh pattern is designed for maximum flexibility, allowing for easy field cutting, bending, assembly and convenient cable drop outs :

                    FAST  -  ADAPTABLE  -  ECONOMICAL

Wire Mesh cable tray is an easy and affordable solution to light current and light duty as a lighting and communication... etc.

Wire Mesh cable tray system is adaptable for today cabling requirements and is sized to
finished to match industry standards Mesh tray system provides the necessary cable support while allowing unmatched field installation kits and accessory options thanks to fast
connection finishes can be pre-galvanized zinc according to ASTM A653 which is recommended to for indoor sheltered outdoor installation Also hot dip galvanized and P.V.C coating are available on requirement.

Wire Mesh Tray System Size.